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Fees Schedule & Guarantee of Satisfaction
St. Louis Mediation & Arbitration Center

The St. Louis Mediation & Arbitration Center cannot guarantee the outcome of a mediation or that a case will end up in a settlement.  However, we do guarantee that you will find the accommodations, mediation style and your experience here to be first-class.  If you have a complaint about any aspect of your experience here (other than the outcome of the mediation) advise us of the nature of your complaint before you leave for the day and there will be no charge for your portion of the mediation.
Generally, mediation fees are set depending upon the amount in controversy, the number of parties involved, and the complexity of the dispute.  The cost to each party for most mediation sessions is usually less than each party would spend on costs and attorney's fees for a deposition.  Mediations may be held by Zoom or in person.

In addition to professional fees, there will be a $500.00 room fee for in person mediations held at Alaris.  (This is a pass-through cost.)  Likewise, in person mediations scheduled at Alaris that are cancelled less than one week from date will be charged a $500.00 cancellation fee. (Also, a pass-through cost)
The flat rate fee is based on a full day session, beginning at 9:30 a.m. and includes a catered lunch for all participants.  All mediation fees include a limited amount of post-mediation telephone conferences.
Unless unique circumstances dictate a different result, each party (multiple persons or parties represented by the same counsel are considered one party) will share an equal portion of all mediation fees.  The St. Louis Mediation & Arbitration Center will accept cases where one or more parties are pro se, however, pro se parties are also expected to equally share in the payment of fees.





$100,000.00  or less   $1,500.00
$100,000.00** and up   $1,750.00
*  Plaintiff's initial demand at the beginning of the mediation.
** Includes claims for equitable  or nonmonetary relief and mediations held outside of the city or county of St Louis.


If you prefer, an hourly rate of $300.00 per party will be charged.  There is a minimum charge of four hours.

Checks for fees are collected the morning of the mediation and deposited the next business day.

The inability of a party to pay a full fee will not interfere with the mediation process.  Please contact us, in confidence, if special circumstances exist in your case.

              ARBITRATION FEES

Arbitrations that are scheduled directly with St. Louis Mediation & Arbitration Center, LLC will be billed as follows:

Pre-final hearing matters will be billed at $600.00 per hour, to be split evenly between the parties unless the Arbitration Agreement between the parties stipulates otherwise, then the Arbitration Agreement will govern the split of fees.

Final hearing matters will be billed on a per diem basis of $3,500.00 split evenly between the parties unless the Arbitration Agreement between the parties stipulates otherwise, then the Arbitration Agreement will govern the split of fees.

Alaris will act as administrator of arbitrators for which it will charge a one time $500.00 administrative charge. 

Arbitrations may be held in person or by Zoom.  In person mediations will incur a room charge (a pass through from Alaris) and a cancellation charge if a reserved room is cancelled within one week of the date of hearing (also a pass through from Alaris).



" did an excellent job in assisting the parties to settle this case.  I think your approach, while low key is very effective.  You were especially helpful to me in getting my client to realize that what I had told him was  accurate and realistic."

  St. Louis Mediation Center, LLC

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